Stop losing leads. Stop losing money. Start winning.

This is the world's best traffic driver, an event marketing tool that finally works to deliver traffic, attention, and leads. We are a turnkey service providing unmatched ROI at conferences, trade shows and corporate events.  

  • Thousands of high-quality leads; your booth will be the most popular spot in the room
  • Instant, custom data capture from every participant; no more needing to rent clunky and expensive lead capture devices  
  • Organic, extended face-to-face interactions; no more elevator pitch selling, no more hard selling
  • Our fully white-labeled product makes your brand the star of the show 

You've got the attention of thousands of people for as long as you'd like, so relax and get to know your customers while you share your brand with them. At the end of it, they'll thank you. 

But don't take our word for it; check out these videos to see for yourself or contact us to find out why we have a nearly perfect retention rate with our clients:

More Leads

Convention entertainment

When you invest in space at an important convention or trade show, you need to maximize your traffic and leads.

EXPOSURE makes your booth the center of attention, no matter how big the show. Hundreds of people waiting for the chance to get into your booth - does that work for you?

Plus, our integrated lead capture software puts the customer data YOU care about instantly at your fingertips.

More Branding

branding at a conference

Every experience, every touchpoint, and every piece of technology in the Exposure product has been designed explicitly with your business in mind. 

While people stand in line, your branding message is tastefully integrated, and then subtly reinforced along every step of the process.

By the end of the experience, you have a new follower, a new customer, and a new friend.

More Value

trade show entertainment

Pricing for ineffective sponsorships (tote bags, popcorn machines, water bottles, etc.) have reached ridiculous rates. People are tired of the gimmicks; this is a chance to give them something with real value.

With EXPOSURE, there's no need to rent furniture or lead capture devices, no need for swag, no need to sponsor lanyards or lunches.

We bring the crowds to you, and you've got all the time in the world to talk to them.


I attend a lot of conventions, and I’ve got to say, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen at a trade show. Whoever thought of this is a genius
— Director of Global Events, Neustar

At the heart and soul of the Exposure is PureImage, a process which delivers something otherwise impossible to find in the market - magazine-quality portraits (we’re talking cover shots) delivered to 1,000+ people in a day with:

  • No makeup
  • No Photoshop
  • No retouching

Just your guests. Looking their best. 

The PureImage process is more than just a great portrait; it’s an experience. Our goal is to make sure that every guest enjoys themselves while they wait for hours in line, and that they walk away feeling pampered and important so that they associate that positive memory (and their new profile picture) with your event, and your brand. 

To build this memory, we play awesome music through our professional sound system, we take the time to personally interact with every attendee, and we maintain a subtle brand continuity throughout the entire process.

Will attendees remember who sponsored the lanyard? No. But they will definitely remember who provided the experience that produced their new professional portrait.


convention headshot booth trade show head shots


Exposure’s Brand Impression service puts a world-class design team at your disposal. 

Every aspect of the Brand Impression experience is designed with continuity and professionalism in mind to deliver your goals in an elegant, measurable way. Whether you are looking to maximize the visibility of your brand or trying to communicate a specific message to attendees, our experience is designed to both deliver and quantify your objectives. Branding touch points include:

  • Branded portrait experience
  • Custom print design
  • Digital watermarking with your logo (optional)
  • Digital branding billboards 
  • Branded sharing/web gallery

You’re hiring us to be the ambassadors for your brand; rest easy knowing that your impression will be a good one.

integrated convention branding in headshot gallery
branded headshot prints at trade shows and conventions

Exposure’s DataPipeline with SmartRank™ provides much more value than traditional lead capture devices. In addition to detailed lead capture, DataPipeline also delivers:

  • Instant, real-time access to leads
  • Harvesting of detailed, custom info
  • Integrated ROI tracking
  • Linked profile images for attendees
  • Direct import to Salesforce

After the show, you’ll receive a detailed summary report, summarizing key performance metrics, allowing for direct measurement on ROI. Additionally, we harvest all lead data and use our proprietary SmartRank™ analysis to deliver your top sales prospects.

lead retrieval and data capture at trade shows and conventions
lead capture data analysis report from conventions and trade show

Exposure MindShare puts you at the center of the action, combining face-to-face connections with powerful, targeted social media and email campaigns to reinforce your brand image and ensure that your message is received by your attendees.  

From the moment attendees step into line, your sales team has the opportunity to greet each attendee to make a connection in an organic, friendly context. Along every step of the way, your branding message is tastefully woven into the experience, and just moments after their portrait is taken, your guest receives a branded email from your company and has an opportunity to share their web-ready portrait to their social media networks.

Days later, a targeted email follow-up campaign is sent to your guests, reinforcing your branding and guiding them to a branded microsite where they experience your messaging again, followed by an opportunity to download their high-res image from a branded web gallery. 

No other event marketing solution can deliver a seamless, end-to-end experience as memorable as this. 

amazing social media and email marketing campaigns for convention and trade show headshots and head shots 
branded social media campaigns can have a meaningful impact on head shot booth efficacy at conventions and tradeshows
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Unlike most sponsorship opportunities and entertainers, Exposure by Two Dudes Photo delivers an immediate, significant, sustained return on your investment and can be specifically designed to deliver leads, generate a crowd, increase signups to your service, or deliver on any goal that your team has set for your event. 

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